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Dr. Jesus Lorites M.D.

Graduate Medical Education

07/2003 to 06/2006    
San Juan City Hospital.
Pediatric Resident                                                                                                                                                           
09/1995 to 08/1996     
Instituto Superior de Ciencias Medicas Habana
Master's Degree in Emergency Medicine 

09/1994 to 08/1995  
Institute Superior de Ciencias Medicas Habana
Master's Degree in OB/GYN

10/1990 to 08/1993    
Institute Superior de Ciencias Medicas Habana
Family Practice Specialist 

Medical Education: 
09/1983 to 08/1989    
Higher Institute of Medical Science, Havana, Cuba
Doctor in Medicine

Undergraduate Education:  
09/1980 to 08/1983  "Cepero Bonilla",  Havana Cuba
Graduate. High school 

Medical School Honors/Award(s):
1986. Second place in the Internal Medicine University competition

Previous Residencies                                                                                           
10/1990 to 09/1993   Higher Institute of Medical Sciences, Havana, Cuba.
Family Practice

Boards Eligibility:
Pediatrics: BE
Pain Management: BE

Hospital Affiliations: 
West Chester General Hospital
Larkin Community Hospital
Coral Gables Hospital
Hialeah Hospital
Metropolitan Hospital
Palmetto Hospital 
Mercy Hospital
Select Specialty Hospital 
Waiting Permanent Privileges

Professional Associations:
AMA: American Medical Association
AAP:  American Academy of Pediatrics.
ABP: American Board of Pediatrics.
AAPM:  American Academy of Pain Management.
Pain Foundation

03/2009 to present
Health Sun Health Plans.  Medical Director and Attending Physician

07/2006 to present. 
Lorites Medical Group M.D.P.A.  Attending Physician                                                                                                 
07/2003 to 06/2006 
San Juan City Hospital Pediatric Resident in training                                                                                                                                   
01/1999 to 06/2003
"Mercy Hospital" Miami FL Sleep Technician
Conducting sleep studies to diagnose sleep related breathing disorders and to treat those with NCPAP/BIPAP.                                                                                                                                                                                                
09/1994 to 11/1997
"Miguel Enriquez" Hospital
Emergency Service Director and Teaching Assistant
Director of Emergency Medicine Department in a Regional Hospital, attending a wide variety of adults and geriatric patients. Complied and taught various courses in continuing medical education for Primary Physicians
10/1993 - 09/1994
"Bernardo Posse" Hospital
Family Practice Specialist
Primary Physician as a Family Practice Specialist   
09/1990 to 09/1993
"Bernardo Posse" Hospital
Medical Doctor. Family Practice Resident:
Family Practice resident during three years. Offering primary care to a very large urban community. Team leader from second year on

08/1989 to 08/1990
"Bernardo Posse" Hospital
Medical Doctor
Post Graduated year as a General Practitioner
Research Experience:
2010 SEARCH 1 205.447 Study Boheringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical

07/2003 to 06/2004
"San Juan City Hospital"                                                                                                          
Pediatric Resident
C-reactive protein; It's Value in neonates' Bacterial infection Holson Hector, MD; Lorites Jesus, MD; Ponce Guillermo, MD.CRP values were retrospectively obtained for 216 babies admitted to intensive care Nursery. Infants were categorized as having proven sepsis (bacterial isolated from blood, CSF, or urine culture) and probable sepsis (Maternal risk and clinical consistent with Bacterial Infection without positive cultures). CRP levels were determined at the initial evaluation of sepsis work up. Sensitivity, specificity, predictive values were calculated for the first CRP                                                                                                                                                           
09/1994 to 12/1996
"Miguel Enriquez" Hospital
Emergency Service Director and Teacher Assistant
Gil-Sarmientos, MD; J Lorites; MD
"Hormone Replacement Therapy in the CAD Prevention". A retrospective study of 300 women who were using HRT for the last 5 years continuously.150 of the women had 3 or more risk factors(study group) and 150 had not known risk factors(control group).The  incidence of CAD was seen to be decreased in both group. The incidence on the study group was virtually the same to the control group

09/1990 to 08/1993
"Bernardo Posse" Hospital
Family Practice Resident
Gil-Sarmientos, MD;  J Lorites, MD
"Blood Pressure in a Stressful team work". A Cohort study to evaluate the incidence of HBP and the possible variations in the BP level in 500 peoples working a mild to high level of stress (a classification of the stress was performed).The incidence of HBP was seen to be higher up to 14 percent in the study group as well as an elevation in the Median BP in about 8mm/Hg in patients without HBP when compare with the population.

Publications/Presentations/Poster Sessions:
-Cuban Magazine of OB/GYN., Hormone Replacement Therapy in the CAD prevention., Gil-Sarmientos, MD; Lorites Jesus, MD., 07 / 1997, Volume: III, Pages: 4 
-International Conference. VIII Meeting of the FLASOG. I Meeting of the FLSCYM. Central American and Caribbean ALOGIA group., Hormone Replacement Therapy In the CAD prevention., Gil-Sarmientos ,MD; Lorites Jesus, MD., 05 / 1997, Volume: Final Report, Pages: 2
-Cuban Magazine of Family Practice., Stress and Blood Pressure, Gil-Sarmientos, MD; Osas Enriquez,MD; Lorites Jesus, MD., 10 / 1993, Volume: IV, Pages: 4 

Volunteer Experience:
03/1999 to 06/1999
"Pan America Hospital"
House Physician
I participated in case presentations and CME, obtaining case management skills and learning all the department related functioning.

USMLE Step 1 Passed 05/1999
USMLE Step 2 Passed 08/1999  
ECFMG-TOEFL Passed 09/2001
ECFMG-CSA   Passed 02/2002
USMLE Step 3 Passed 11/2004

Language Fluency (Other than English): Spanish 
Other Awards/Accomplishments:
Internal Medicine Student Tutor.
Resident team leader from the second year on.
Family Practice Assistant Professor.
Medical Director of Emergency Services in a large teaching hospital

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