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Surgical Procedures

Breast Reconstruction

The reconstruction is surgery to rebuild a breast's shape after a mastectomy. It cannot give a woman back her breast - a reconstructed breast does not have natural sensations. However, the surgery offers a result that looks like a breast. Most women who had breast reconstruction are glad they did.

In breast reconstruction, a surgeon forms a breast mound by using an implant or tissues from the belly, back or buttocks. Implants are silicone sacs filled with salt water or silicone gel. The type of reconstruction you get depends on your body type, age and cancer treatment.

Breast Reconstruction Information

Experienced reconstructive surgeons employ principles of cosmetic surgery in the design of the mastectomy as well as in the reconstructive process. Women are able to enjoy a reconstructed breast that has less scarring and feels more natural. There have never been as many options available for women seeking breast reconstruction following mastectomy as there are today. Women with a diagnosis of breast cancer should look forward to the prospects of reconstruction to help them resume a normal life. There is more than one choice. In some cases we are able to reconnect nerves to help reestablish sensation. This is being performed more frequently in Europe and Japan. In our practice we do not have one procedure for each patient. Rather we listen to your priorities, limitations, and concerns to design a reconstruction that is suitable for your lifestyle.

The two main categories of breast reconstruction are prosthetic implants and autogenous – using a woman's own tissue.

  • Prosthetic Implants
  • Autogenous Reconstruction

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