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Surgical Procedures

G Point Augmentation

The G-Spot is a highly sensitive area measuring 0.5 to 1.0 inch in diameter located beneath the surface of a woman's vagina on the anterior (front) wall. It is usually positioned about half way between pubic bone and the cervix. It is named after Dr. Ernest Grafenberg who first described it in 1950. It is found when this zone is directly stimulated can lead to powerful climax.

Indications Sex is among the more powerful forms of pleasurable stimuli known to man, however the intensity of the stimulation and sensation varies among individuals. In order to enhance the sexual experience among females, the G-spot is augmented and enlarged to provide a larger area which comes in contact during intercourse.

G-Spot Augmentation Procedure The procedure involves localization of the G-spot Zone and its augmentation by injecting HA (hyaluronic acid) filler material. This is same material that is injected into other parts of the body such as lips, laugh-lines, and the rest of the face. Once the injection is completed the G-Spot becomes enlarged measuring approximately the size of a quarter in diameter, and one fourth of an inch in thickness.

G Point Augmentation Surgery Information

Procedure time The injection portion of the procedure takes less than 20 seconds and the total office visit which includes consultation and examination takes about 25 minutes.

Risks and complications There are very few risks and complications including discomfort or pain which is eliminated by injection local anesthetic. There may be a urination urge after the injection procedure which is temporary. There is usually a slight chance of scant bleeding which is easily managed by the tampon.

After the Procedure There is no recovery needed after the injection. Sexual activity can be resumed after 4 hours. The augmentation and enhancement usually lasts about 4-6 months.

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