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Surgical Procedures

Biopolymers Removal

The beauty cannot be an illness, if you utilize polymers!... You are sick one and need urgent care.
Pay a lot of attention to the following information because could change your life.

The biopolymers are composed of silicone liquid . Upon infiltrating biopolymers under the skin, the body encapsulates the biopolymers causing granulomas (siliconomas) that are declared like exaggerations or tumors that can be extracted by means of the scalpel (many times not of the all).

They should not be utilized because they can produce severe complications such as:

  • Ulcerate
  • Fistulas
  • Infections
  • To emigrate toward other nearby or distant places of the place of administration
  • Inflamation

We are some of the few or maybe the only that can remove them, remedying the damage caused by the negligence and returning the self-esteem that that you may lost.

CALL US now and verify it for you same:
Lorites Medical Group 305-460-0045

The biopolymers are prohibited by the FDA and by the sanitary authorities in Europe. The biopolymers should not be utilized to fill wrinkles or to give volume to the gluteus's. They should not be utilized never!

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