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American Beauty Solution is building the leading network provider of medical centers for anti-aging and body sculpting services in the United States. American Beauty Solution plans to open several centers over the next 4-5 years through-out the South Florida region. American Beauty Solution will serve as the exclusive managing member to the LLC.

Center Services and Productswill transform the health and longevity of the large population of Baby Boomers and others in the South Florida metropolitan area and beyond. The Center's specially trained medical doctors will prescribe safe and effective treatments such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, high quality nutritional supplements, infusion therapy and VaserLipoSelection –a state of the art, FDA approved technology for body sculpting and fat removal.

The Center's Primary Target is the "Female and Male Baby Boomer" -those in their 40s, 50s and 60s -who have high expectations for their health, longevity and appearance. Boomers, especially women, expect answers and solutions to their health care problems. They expect to stay healthy, live longer, and look and feel great for years to come.

For Boomer Women: aging accelerates when estrogen production fails. Results often include over 30 symptoms including mood swings, hot flashes, loss of libido and energy as well as increased fat. Suzanne Somers, in her recent health care books "The Sexy Years" and "Breakthrough: Eight Steps To Wellness" refers to these problems and their solutions.

For Boomer Men: aging accelerates in andropause(male menopause) and often results in loss of muscle, memory, energy, and libido with increased fat, depression and cardiovascular disease. It is often due to a constant decline in testosterone and other hormone production starting as early as age 25 years.

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